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Why KGF Movie Actor Yash’s Fan Set Himself on fire and Died?

Actor and Superstar Yash got famous for his role in the movie KGF which was recently released. It was his birthday on Tuesday when He turned 33. But instead of celebrating his day, he had to mourn this special day because of two reasons. Actor Yash had announced on social media platforms that, this year, he is not going to celebrate his birthday.

The reason behind this was a senior member’s death in his family. Dr. Ambarish has recently passed away. Other than that, the actor lost one of his fans. A fan of him died and gave up his life by setting himself on fire. Actor Yash’s fan died in front of his own residence.

Who was this fan?

According to the reports, this fan’s name was Ravi R. He was 26 years old. He was an employee at a garment factory (from Laggere). It was found that Ravi R was not allowed to enter Actor Yash’s home in Katriguppe, South Bengaluru. He attempted to do so many a times but was denied to enter.

Yash Fan

Ravi R used to meet Actor Yash, every year, on his previous birthday. Hence, upset with the denial, Ravi R eventually poured petrol on himself, set himself on fire and got burnt. When locals saw him, they tried to save him from dying and burn using a blanket to cover him. Locals also took him to the Victoria Hospital in order to save him.

But it was really late and he was already burnt by around 70%. He asked the doctors if Actor Yash would come to meet him even in this serious condition. The HOD of burns, Dr. KT Ramesh made the revelation saying that Ravi was on Oxygen support. Dr. KT Ramesh also stated,

“When we were dressing his wounds, Ravi asked the doctors whether Yash would come to see him, now that he was struggling between life and death.”

When Yash visited the hospital, where his fan breathed his last, he made a strong statement and said,

“He has clicked selfies with me on my birthday. I’m sorry to say but this is not fandom and I don’t believe he can be a fan. I request my fans to never take such drastic steps. A few days before my birthday, I had put out a video saying I am not celebrating my birthday this year. This is very hurtful.”


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