Boxing Day

What is Boxing Day? Origin, Significance & Related Activities

Have you ever heard of the word ‘Boxing Day’ before? Well, I hadn’t.  But when I came to know about this term, all I could do was to Google it. So, what is Boxing Day?  And where comes from? Here are all the answers to your questions:

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is meant to be celebrated on the 26th of December. Boxing Day refers to an extended holiday after Christmas (25th Dec.) in the UK and Ireland. It is not enough for the UK & Ireland citizens to have only Christmas Day celebrations. So, they have added the ‘Boxing Day’ following Christmas.

It is a national Bank Holiday in the UK & Ireland. On this day, families and friends spend time together and eat up all the Christmas Day leftovers. Below are more details:

Boxing Day’s Significance:

The name basically refers to the holiday gifts. In Britain, a box called ‘Christmas Box’ is given as a present. When it comes to traditional terms, the Boxing Day was a day off for the servants. On this particular day, they would receive a ‘Christmas Box’ from their owner or employer. Since it used to be an off day, all the servants would head their homes in order to give the ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their respective family members.

Significance of Boxing Day

The box was also used for poor people in order to collect money which was placed in Churches on Christmas day. The box was allowed to open the day after Christmas i.e. the Boxing Day.

Moreover, the huge sailing ships while setting sail used to own a sealed box which contained money. It would be on board for the purpose good luck. Also, the box was presented to a priest who used to open it. After that, all the contents were donated to the poor.

Activities Associated with this Day:

Nowadays, Boxing Day has also become closely associated with various sports, for example, Horse racing. Also, various top football teams especially play on this Day.

British people show their quirkiness by participating in various silly activities. These activities include peculiar traditions, for example, swimming the icy English Channel, charity events, and fun runs etc.

Fox Hunting on Boxing Day:

Until 2004, the Fox-hunts used to be a traditional part of it. Afterwards, a ban on fox hunting was put. But Hunters used to still get together dressed in their red hunting coats.

Fox Hunting

But, it is not allowed to go after the fox with dogs now. Hence, they now chase the artificial trails on the Day.

The Newly Emerged Boxing Day Sport – Shopping:

A recent sport that has emerged is named shopping. Sales would start in the month of January, just after 31st of Dec. But in order to grab a bargain and for shops to sell some extra stock now have begun to be carried out on the Day.

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