iPhone XI 2019

First Exclusive look at Apple iPhone XI 2019

In 2018, the expansion planned by Apple into the 3-Smartphone Model didn’t get rewarded as expected. The company faced 12% of share loss in December. Well, it would be really soon to judge Apple’s fate with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max as well as iPhone XR. Apple, in 2019, is going to launch their 3 new iPhones.

Camera: iPhone XI 2019

Also, we got a chance to have a look at a leaked render of Apple iPhone XI 2019. The new iPhone XI 2019 will be having 3 cameras on its back according to the leaked renders. The camera unit on the back of the iPhone XI 2019 reveals a square form.

Just as the 2 cameras of the iPhone XS which were aligned vertically, the new iPhone XI 2019 have similar with 3 cameras. The 3rd camera of the iPhone XI 2019 is placed on the side of the 2 cameras, aligned in their center. There is an LED flash placed above the 3rd camera and a microphone below the 3rd camera.

However, iPhone XI could have a few alterations when it gets out in the users’ hands. iPhone XI 2019 is still in the EVT phase as per OnLeaks. Also, iPhones are officially set to be launched in September 2019. These iPhones will include:

  • One low-end variant
  • Two high-end variants
  • iPhone XS Max

Moreover, it’s still not confirmed which one out of the above-mentioned three variants will be having the three cameras. It’s not yet confirmed which iPhone variant renders has this been. We are still looking forward to knowing about this. We are curious to know more about this huge transformation in the iPhone’s camera setup.

The fact of iPhone having Three Cameras:

The fact of iPhone having three cameras in 2019 has been stated in Bloomberg’s report. This report also states that the company will be adopting a 3D ToF technology (long-distance) for the iPhones. Since Apple is coming up with this module on the back where it has a non-aligned, Apple could also adopt a rear camera technology.

Also, this technology could be as same as that opted by Oppo R17 Pro. ToF is a technology which depends on the time taken by the light in order to bounce, to generate a 3D map, off an object.

iPhone XI

Head of Sony’s sensor division, Satoshi Yoshihara stated,

“Cameras revolutionized phones, and based on what I’ve seen, I have the same expectation for 3D [cameras].”

Sony has been planning in order to enhance the creation of rear as well as front-facing 3D ToF sensors. So, they are ramping up in order to meet the demand of iPhone and the production has been expected to begin in summer.

Third Camera Specs:

When it comes to focusing on an object, the 3rd camera can focus faster. It can also be used in order to generate 3D models. Also, the 3rd camera has the ability to track objects in dark. It has been expected from the sensors in order to have a bigger impact when it comes to AR and VR. According to Sony, in order to map rooms, ToF sensor can be utilized in real-time.

Moreover, Apple iPhones of 2019 are still really far to becoming available.

However, the iPhone XI 2019 renders are revealing a black-colored rear panel. Also, this rear panel is confirmed to be made of glass as per the shine which can be noticed around the edges. And as always the logo of Apple remains the center of attraction which has been positioned in the top center of the iPhone.

As per a report, Apple will not be having any sort of design revamp. In a tweet, Tipster Ice Universe stated that the company, in 2019, is going to stick with the use of the notch. Also, there has been this saying that Apple, in 2020, has been expected of launching iPhones that will have punch-hole displays.

iPhone XS Max teardown Impact:

During the iPhone XS Max teardown, the bill of materials was found to be $443. Although the actual price tag of the iPhone was $1243. Since Apple, as well as its affinity, is well-known to using high-quality components, there are chances of the cost to increase further. Now, we are looking forward to the price tags of the iPhones in 2019.

According to a few analysts, the trade war among the US and China is hurting iPhone sales in China. Also, the high price tag of the Apple iPhones is leading to a lackluster response in India. Hence, we are still looking forward to this third-camera setup by Apple. Will this setup be able to make the company bounce back to where it was a year ago? Or will this new iPhones range take the company to another higher level?

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