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What Navjot Singh Sidhu said on Sunil Grover’s Return to The Kapil Sharma Show?

After missing from the industry of television, the comedy king Kapil Sharma recently made a powerful comeback with The Kapil Sharma Show 2.

On one hand, where Kapil was lacing his audience with laughter, Sunil Grover too was making his efforts to get a positive response for his show on Star Plus named Kanpur wale Khuranas. Conflicts between both of them have always been in the limelight. But people are still waiting for the reunion and comeback of this duo.

As per the reports as Kanpur wale Khuranas is near its end, the buzz is that Sunil Grover will return to THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW 2. Though there is no official confirmation from the actor yet. In response to the buzz, Preeti Simoes, the show-runner of Kanpur wale Khuranas denied the reports saying the actor-comedian has a packed schedule and will be busy in shooting for Salman Khan’s Bharat.

Sidhu’s Reaction to Sunil’s Comeback

While fans wait for the reunion, NAVJOT SINGH SIDDU, an important part of the Kapil’s show shares a cordial relation with the comedian and considers him as his son. Notably, Siddhu shares a friendly and good bond with Sunil as well. Even though he is not a part of the show, they still have family terms.

Sunil Grover

Recently, while talking to Jagbani TV and Punjabi Kesari he was asked about Sunil’s comeback on the show. He didn’t give any confirmed answer but said,

“Sunil will realize it on his own and when he does, we all will be standing with open arms to welcome him”.

He also added that it is like a bouquet created by God which can neither be created nor be broken. He would get huge respect from the team if he ever makes a comeback on the show.

The Reason of Separation

As per the reports, Kapil had abused and misbehaved with Sunil during a flight. The following fight made Sunil leave The Kapil Sharma Show.

Reviving Friendship between the Duo

Someone once said, “Time is the biggest healer”. It worked very well between the duo. Almost after a year of comments on each other, both of them have ceased their sarcastic remarks. This is evident from the tweets exchanged by them on Twitter. Both of them have put their past behind. In fact, Sunil showcased his happiness on Kapil’s wedding with Ginni Chatrath. He even sent best wishes for his comeback on the television industry.

When it comes to comedy, Kapil and Sunil’s pair is one the most desirable jodis.

The audience is eagerly waiting for Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s reunion. Though hints about their reunion can be witnessed from Navjot Singh Sidhu. There has been an official statement about the same by Sunil himself is yet to be made.

Well, it will be interesting to see all of them back in the Kapil Sharma Show. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know.


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