Swaroop Raj Suicide

Police Serve Notice On Genpact – The Suicide Case

On Nov. 18th, 2018, Swaroop Raj (35), the AVP of Genpact, committed suicide at his home in Noida. Raj was accused of sexual harassment brought against him by two of his female colleagues. His wife Kirti is a management trainee in the same organization. She had filed an FIR with the Uttar Pradesh police two days later. In the FIR, she held Genpact and some of its senior members responsible for her husband’s death.

Acting upon the FIR, the police served a notice on the multinational professional service provider. Police demanded the details of the internal procedure for Raj’s suspension. They asked for the investigations of the sexual harassment allegations brought against him. Also, the very crucial point in all of this is the fact that, in his suicide note. In his note, Raj deemed the allegations levelled against him as false.

The Family’s Perspective and the FIR details:

Raj wasn’t allowed an opportunity to defend himself or to visit the office or to even work from home. He had to leave his identity card and laptop at the office and was marked off as a sexual offender. She also feels that Raj was denied his fundamental dignity and all of this on the basis of blind faith upon the narratives of two female employees.

Genpact Female Employees

Another member of the family hinted at the functioning of a conspiracy against Raj, owing to the fact that he had very quickly risen up the corporate ladder, moving from a process developer to becoming the company’s youngest AVP in a matter of 10 years. The company suddenly handed a suspension letter to Raj. Also, the company didn’t furnish any show-cause notice for the same. There was no mention of the names of the complainants in the letter.

In the family’s view, the company is directly responsible for Raj’s death since his suspension would have permanently soiled his reputation in front of his colleagues after working with them for 11 years. Thus, the FIR accuses the company of abetting Raj’s suicide. In order to support his case, a candlelight march has been planned on 25th Dec. Other than that, a Facebook support page has also been created for the same.

Police Action and the Stand of Genpact:

According to senior officials of the police, they are trying to ascertain whether Raj’s suspension was in accordance with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Work Place Act. The course of the inquiry would depend upon the company’s reply to the notice that it has been served. The naming of senior Genpact officials by the police has led to significant nationwide attention towards the case.

Suicide Swaroop Raj

Genpact, however, had tweeted that the allegations against Raj were being inquired upon by an Internal Complaints Committee and his suspension was affected as a necessary measure to ensure a free and fair trial.


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