The Journey So Far

The government merged the ministry of water resources, river development and Ganga rejuvenation with the ministry of drinking water and sanitation to form the Jal Shakti ministry, with an aim to integrate resources and provide clean drinking water to all homes

A countrywide 3D aquifer mapping project is on to study the layers of water-bearing rocks and assess groundwater levels in the country

A feasibility study for the proposed linking of 31 rivers has been started

Is It Enough?

Supplying clean drinking water to all households is a complex issue as a mere 18 per cent of households have access to piped supply. Sikkim, Goa, Gujarat, Puducherry and Punjab are the only states where over 50 per cent of homes have such access.

The Unfinished Agenda

Given the exorbitant Rs 7.9 lakh crore burden on the public exchequer for taking piped water to every household, attracting private capital through various PPP models may be the way out. The demographic and geographic diversity of the country also needs to be factored in for the project.


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