Vet’s Alarming find inside Brutally ill French bulldog

A French Bulldog named Beefcake is currently recovering from a surgery after swallowing off something then he could be able to even chew.


From Keilor Downs in Melbourne’s northwest, Beefcake fell ill after biting off 4 rubber ducks for his dinner. The owner of the bulldog, Tabatha Pugh, would use them as compensation after the training.

Ms Pugh quoted:

  • “I think it’s the squeaky sound. Like if I was to squeak one now he would 100 per cent want another duck.”

Ms Pugh added, “Vets could feel “something in his belly” after he became sick.”

The X-rays displayed 4 ducks in his (referring to French Bulldog) stomach and his intestine, and these ducks had been there in his stomach for months to be precise. In the X-ray scans, one could clearly notice the shadow of little duck heads and their little beaks as mentioned by Dr Paula Vance from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

ill Dog

Beefcake had to go through an operation in order to save his life.

Dr Vance said, “Vets had to act immediately and Beefcake’s belly was cut into to remove the ducks. The consequences could have been much worse and potentially even fatal. It’s important that the owner keeps providing them with toys that are big enough that they’re unlikely to be ingested.”

The vet bill for the entire process costs around $2800 and this is why Beefcake’s owner opted for a GoFundMe page.

The French Bulldog is back to his home now with his owner taking care and hopefully, he is going to recover completely as soon as expected. On the other hand, those 4 ducks have found their place in the dustbin.


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