Manchester United Roster

The Manchester United Roster under Solskjaer

There is no football fan who doesn’t remember the era of Sir Alex Ferguson as the manager at Manchester United. There is no doubt that he was one of the best managers in the history of Premier League football.

After the completion of Ferguson’s long and successful career, the Manchester United team was looking quite distorted for a while. They weren’t being able to find the rhythm that they had under the legend. Consequently, being off tune as they were, they performed badly at the Premier League.

Well, that’s not very unusual though. Coming out of the folds of a legendary personality is never easy after all. The point is whether or not you can regain your footing and build on that. In this regard, the Red Devils have been quite successful indeed. After some upsets, they have finally regained their composure and the flare which befits them.

This, sort of, rising from the ashes, has been made possible by their new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Immediately after taking charge, Solskjaer reformed the Manchester United roster and set the team on a winning streak.

In fact, the new Manchester United roster has been so effective that he is about to set new records. In Manchester United win over Tottenham this Sunday, Solskjaer is set to become the manager with the best start ever. A win on Sunday would mean that the Red Devils would have a six-match winning streak.

If that happens, Solskjaer would be at par with the legendary Sir Matt Busby.

The Solskjaer Magic

So, now, let’s take a look at how the Norwegian is making all of this possible. Most importantly, he reformed the Manchester United roster to be in accordance with the various needs of the players. He has designed the Manchester United roster very carefully so that all the players can realize their fullest potentials.

Solskjaer Magic

For instance, he has allowed Paul Pogba the much-needed freedom to express his creativity on the field. Moreover, he has put Marcus Rashford where he should be – along with the middle line. That’s not all. The Manchester United roster under Solskjaer allows the frontline the scope to interchange their positions. Moreover, they are far more composed and none of the front four is left alone.

To put it otherwise, Solskjaer has struck the perfect offense/defense balance which was much needed for the team. Although a solid defense would be essential against Tottenham on Sunday, the Manchester United forwards are now looking quite unstoppable.

Marcus Rashford – The Rising Star

Recently, fans have had a keen eye on the young Marcus Rashford and they have been right in doing so. As we have been seeing under Solskjaer, this young fellow is truly a rising star in English football.

Marcus Rashford

Solskjaer rearranged the Manchester United roster and the team in a way, such that Rashford gets the support he needs. Consequently, there has been a significant boost in the youngster’s confidence. Moreover, Rashford has a lot to learn Solskjaer himself, since he had been a great finisher during his time.

Offense Is The Best Defence

Manchester United is probably the highest scoring and also the highest conceding team in the Premier League, all at once. On Sunday, however, they would have to focus on their defense against Tottenham. With Harry Kane and Dele Alli, the Spurs are one of the most penetrating teams in the EPL now.

As most of us know, the Red Devils have banked on their counter-attacks. Now, with two strong right backs and four interchanging forwards, they are more adept at this than they ever were. In order for this offensive strategy to work against Tottenham, the two center-backs and two sitting midfielders must stand strong. At any cost, they have to make sure that they are always at the ball.

Offensive Football

Since, basically, United is attacking with six players; the full backs can afford a higher position. However, since we are talking about Tottenham as the opponent, the midfielders have to ready to rush back. Under Mourinho, Lukaku had often been isolated due to the manager’s distrust in his defensive abilities. Other players had been unnecessarily defensive and this harmed their overall performance.

This Sunday, Solskjaer’s policy of offense is the best defense would be put to a test. We are all waiting to see how it pans out.


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