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Fortnite Videos – The Most Important Video Game of 2018

Fortnite videos are inescapable having a cultural cachet, in 2018, that eradicates every single video game being played. It is a cultural tsunami and more than just a video game.

Fortnite is a video game that has the world in its grip. A third-person shooter, free-to-play, creating its fortune using in-game microtransactions. Fortnite is the present King when it comes to Battle Royale genre. It’s a type of video game which pits players online against each other forcing them to battle to the death. Major releases of 2018 video games included Spider-Man, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2. Smaller, indie games like Florence, and more.

But Fortnite was a video game that released last year dominating in terms of cultural impact and revenue. The year Fortnite went unreasonably was 2018. Was it the moment when Antoine Griezmann with 900 million people watching globally, scored a penalty in the World Cup final and also, celebrated with “Do The L” emote dance of Fortnite?

Fortnite Videos 2018 Record:

50% of the audience of the Woman’s Day is mostly female aged over 50. It just doesn’t cover video games and features 14-page supplements named “Ultimate Guide To Fortnite: Battle Royale”. It was almost like a message from a parallel reality. Fortnite was mainstream just as Macarena in 2018. It’s the cultural event known by everyone. Fortnite, in August, broke its own record.

Fortnite Videos

8.3 million people were found playing Fortnite consecutively at the same time. The scale doesn’t have a pattern and no doubt it’s mind-boggling. Almost 80 million people, over the course of August, played Fortnite in 2018. In its previous 200 days, analysts estimated that Fortnite was making around $1.5 million per day. Fortnite made more than $300 million in April 2018, across all its platforms.

People who have spent the majority of their adult life working on video games, Fortnite is something that somehow manifested. Fortnite established life as not-so-interesting and safe-to-disregard tower defence game. Hence, it’s a multiplayer game which is epoch-defining, and it’s impossible to escape from its influence.

 The Era Continues…

Fortnite videos are like a generational switch. Around 65 per cent of Fortnite videos player base is under 24. Older millennials look at it with a unique and different perspective. Most of our parents didn’t really understand video games, but today’s generation does. And now just like that, being parents, we understand Fortnite videos just enough in order to understand. So, we’re completely out of our depth when it comes to Fortnite videos.


In the case of a generation that has grown up playing video games, Fortnite is a stark reminder. Fornite videos tell that things always change. That’s the only constant thing in our life. On each possible spectrum, across all media, Fortnite is the best depiction of the medium which has originated, evolved and splintered.

So, what are your thoughts on Fortnite videos? Let us know in the comments about your feedback on Fortnite video games.

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