Sake Dean Mahomed – His Life, Achievements and More

On the 15th of January, Google decided to wish Sake Dean Mahomed on his 260th birth anniversary. Now, you can very well imagine that Google wishing someone can’t be something very ordinary. Sticking to their traditions, Google dedicated a doodle to celebrate the first Indian author to publish a book in English.

Of course, there’s no doubt that Sake Dean Mahomed truly deserves the respect that Google has shown to his memory. This Anglo-Indian man, apart from being a writer, was also a traveler. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was indeed a possessor of many talents.

Who Sake Dean Mahomed was?

In fact, Sake Dean Mahomed was the pioneer in quite a few things. He was the first Indian entrepreneur to have become famous both in India and in England. In order to achieve this, he worked hard to establish strong cultural ties between his people and the British.

Moreover, especially initially, he explored many businesses and tried his hands in many different industries, ranging from publishing to wellness.

If you’ve seen the doodle closely enough, you must have noted that it is designed with tamarinds and kitchen wares. Now, there’s a reason why Google did that.

His other Interests:

Apart from many other things, Sake Dean Mahomed was very much interested in food and cooking. Owing to this interest, in 1810, he decided to open a restaurant in England which would serve Indian cuisine. Eventually, with time, this place became one of Britain’s favorite places to eat in.

Sake Dean Mahomed decided to name his restaurant as Hindostanee Coffee House (HCH). The HCH was adorned with high praises by a then famous London restaurant guide, Epicure’s Almanack. This fact has been recognized and provided by Google in one of their testimonies to Mahomed.

Google Dean

After the initial days of its glory, Mahomed was situationally bound to close it down in 1812. Consequently, he went on to explore other things which he could do.

At a later date, Sake Dean Mahomed shifted to a town by the sea in Brighton, along with his family. While he was living there, Mahomed ventured into another field of business. He decided to open a spa in his town of residence. Very soon, the spa became very famous among the people of the royal household and also the ordinary rich people.

Sake Dean Mahomed’s Spa

Based on his own name, this establishment was named Mahomed’s Baths. The special thing about Mahomed’s spa was that it had the provisions for herbal steam baths which the others didn’t. In many different ways, Sake Dean Mahomed’s spa stood out from every other spa of his time. No other spa but he provided a perfect combination of therapeutic Indian massages and steam bath.

Owing to his business and popularity, the local people began lovingly referring to Mahomed as ‘The Shampooing Surgeon of Brighton’. The locals didn’t give him this name just like that. Sake Dean Mahomed himself called his line of treatment as “shampooing”. In giving this name, he took inspiration from the name – Champissage – given to the Indian version of a head massage.

In fact, he was quite serious about his effective way of treatment. He went on to write and publish a book on this subject. Therein, he discussed its therapeutic benefits and he also had patient testimonials to support his claim.

Now, if you are thinking Mahomed was only moderately famous, let me tell you that you are mistaken. Mahomed was the private shampooing surgeon to King George IV in 1822. This appointment provided a major boost to Mahomed’s popularity, which, the Brighton museum has honored.



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