Odiyan Movie Review

Odiyan Movie Review: LIVE Updates Of The Much Awaited Movie Of Mohanlal!

Odiyan movie is a fantasy thriller which is inspired by Kerala’s folklore, the movie follows the life of Manickyan, the legendary sorcerer. Manickyan is one of the last in the Odiyan clan. He is known for its supernatural powers which mostly disobey the laws of nature.

The story of Odiyan Movie:

Odiyan Manikyan comes back to Thenkurissi, his village, after a self-urged banishment of 15 years, after the deaths of two people. How does his return affect the people in the village along with others lives whom he has covered in the darkness?

Odiyan Movie Review:

Odiyan movie’s lead actors Mohanlal and Manju Warrier’s brilliance has been showcased in the scenes where – Manikyan, to make Prabha trust that he is guilt-free of the crime he has been accused of, begs on his knees. The second scene is in which Prabha, in a sense of gratitude, bows her head for helping her.


However, when it comes to the Odiyan movie review, it’s is a dramatic thriller which is brilliantly paced one. The relationships that we see between the three characters (Manikyan, Prabha, and Ravunni) has been explored in the movie well. Also, Odiyan movie marketing playing to the gallery draws a backseat as Harikrishnan’s script goes deep into narrating their stories.

The only place when the movie picked up the pace has to be during the four action scenes.  When it comes to the climax of the movie, the battle of Odiyans took place of a cherry on the top of a cake.

It Continues…

The movie starts with an Odiyan Manikyan’s return to Thenkurissi, his village, after a self-imposed banishment of 15 years. He was criticized and ridiculed at his return. He is forced to take up a battle to frighten a young person utilizing the tribal tricks. Soon the movie discovers Manikyan’s journey by the flashbacks. He brings the audience to prabha, his childhood friend as well as her cousin Ravunni.

The battle between Manikyan and Ravunni slows until two deaths in Prabha’s family forces Manikyan to leave his village. Now, the important thing to notice was that how would his return impact those in the village. This play a huge role in the plot of the movie. Other than the above, if the length of the movie could have been trimmed a little, Odiyan could have been an extremely engaging film.

Odiyan - Review

Since the fans have been expecting a lot from the movie, the movie hadn’t provided that value to the fans. The critics of the movie have given it a 3.5-star rating out of 5 which is not as expected at all. Moreover, Odiyan movie has been quite good when it comes to acting. The movie has got a well-written script as well as the thrilling action scenes that a family would definitely enjoy.

What are your views on Odiyan Movie? Have you got the chance to watch it? Let us know in the comments.



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