Heard stories that teach leadership? Lead by example is an important phrase that we have heard and learned. Have we inculcated? Let’s learn from a story.

Lead by example

Once upon a time, there lived two best friends; once grew up to be a Prince and another one to be a farmer. They played together, shared food together and slept under the shade of the trees; such was their friendship. When the villagers would ask them their aim in life, the Prince replied “Prince” while the farmer always maintained a silence.

Eventually, the dream of one was fulfilled. The farmer was still silent on what he wanted to do in life. Prince was happy and gay and was proud of his achievements. With pride dominating his simple values, he changed for worse. He got violent with the villagers. Eventually, everyone started hating him.

The friendship between the two friends started to shatter. One fine day when the farmer was passing by the castle of the Prince, his childhood friend, something caught his attention. He saw that a road needed repair. That road had ditches that could injure any child or innocent animal. The road stretched for more than 12 kilometres and had ditches up to a distance of 8 kilometres. The King and the Prince ignored the condition. The farmer didn’t. He started building the road without any expectation of being paid. Farmer used to wake up early, mostly at dawn and with his hammer and other tools started mending the road. He got soil and stones whatever he found on his way and put them in every ditch. Seeing his determination and hard work, other farmers joined him. Soon after a month, the hard work came to the notice of the village committee. They helped with more ingredients required and offered him remuneration for his hard work. He distributed the reward among those who helped him in his venture.

The villagers started following him and his words more than the Prince and the King. The farmer, who had no aim in life found his aim being a leader and motivating others not by words but by his actions.


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