Human Rights Day 2018 and Its Significance

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” – Nelson Mandela

Every Year, we celebrate Human Rights Day on the 10th of December. The United Nations General Assembly made it public to celebrate Human Rights Day for the first time ever in 1948.

They are our fundamental rights which include our freedom of religion, right to live, our right to education, freedom of speech and thoughts, health and our right to equality and more.


The official confirmation happened in the United Nations, General Assembly meeting on Dec. 4th, 1950. People celebrate this day globally in order to emphasize the actual rights of human beings.

The Importance of Human Rights:

The reason behind the celebration of Human rights is to spread the message, ‘we all matter and deserve equal respect in our society’. The importance of the human rights is to make people understand that you can’t call a country or a society is independent or free until all the members of a society or city or country have these basic human rights.

The human rights aim at banishing the unjust inequality in opposition to any human being.

Everyone must follow these rights without any difference, for example, colour, birth, religion, sex, language, political or any other opinion, social or national origin, or any other status. These rights are protected by the law.

Rights of Human

They are important for the development of countries as a whole not just for individuals or communities. These rights have a deep impact and importance that the constitution of India along with many other countries. It includes provisions of the rights codified in the Declaration in the constitutions.

Why we celebrate Human Rights Day?

The Day is celebrated to upgrade the social, physical, cultural and spiritual wellness as well as welfare globally for the vulnerable group of people. Here are some of the crucial reasons for celebrating this day every year along with the objectives:

  • In order to spread awareness among the people about human rights across the globe.
  • Highlighting the ventures of the United Nations General Assembly to advance the universal human rights conditions.
  • To get along one another in order to celebrate the cooperation to consider and highlight the particular concerns of the rights.
  • Uplifting the vulnerable groups in societies, for example, persons with disabilities, women, minorities, youth, poor, indigenous people and etc. In order to take part in this event celebration as well as the political decision-making.
  • In order to remind people that they are born equal and there is no difference between them. They have every right to put in front what their rights allow them without any kind of fear of unjust.


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