Halloween – Time to shiver down the spine


Halloween is celebrated in a number of countries by the end of the October. It is a one or two week of celebration. The custom of Halloween is derived from ancient Celtic harvest festivals specifically Gaelic and Samhain or summer’s end. The other concept behind Halloween is to remember and show gratitude towards the people who are dead. It might include the Saints, priests, martyrs or the other trustworthy people.

Belief for Halloween

The belief that exists behind Halloween is that ‘the demarcation between living and dead gets blurred and souls of the dead get back to earth and ravage the crops’. Well, this tradition is followed on the basis of prophecies and volatile beliefs that exist with dead or living.

On an average, 170 million Americans actively participate in this unearthly event spending ample amount of money. This tradition is followed from past two thousand years with extreme and surplus joy. People from several age groups join each other and they use to sing songs & prayers. In return, they beg for food or money.

What’s so fancy about Halloween?

Right from the costumes, food or the decoration, everything about Halloween is complicated. A nationwide consensus must be developed in order to solve this spectacular mystery of Halloween. All we have witnessed is the association of Halloween with the extra Spooky clothes, the decoration of houses in a very Haunted manner and even the food contains more flavours of terror. Halloween costumes and decoration is the most attracted segment of this entire celebration. The terrifying parties, pumpkin cravings, bonfire, games and the food justify why it is associated with the horror. It is a live broadcast of the horror stories and narrations for all the haunted attractions. People love it and actively anticipate it. Well, most the people are not so impressed with this so-called American tradition. Playing the sinister pranks and spreading breathtaking horror is also an essential fragment in Halloween.

The Diversity of Halloween

The entire concept of Halloween comprises a blend of very geeky and extra fancy outfits with tons and tons of sinister additional stuff. It is a custom which is foisted on the crowd. On this particular day, the sugar consumption by an adult or teen is highest from the limit. Most of the festivals or cultural gatherings are limited by religion or other aspects. Halloween is entirely for everyone, people from various belongings can become a part of this ghostly event. Isn’t it the best part of Halloween?

But people those who enjoy, live every moment of Halloween with utmost zest and joy. From adults to kids, they just dress themselves up like demons or devils. It’s all about enjoyment with lots and lots of food and sweets. People feel delighted with lacy places. participate in this event with zeal and get themselves involved in cobby. Halloween is somewhat associated with extremely creepy and bold tasks to do.



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