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Accidental New Instagram Update Freaks Out People

A social media platform, Instagram first started to get famous among users about 10 years ago. But something happened yesterday which made Instagram’s familiar users to freak out. This included people who have been using this platform from as long as it first got into the market. (New Instagram Update)

So, here is what exactly happened on the 27th of Dec 2019 (Thursday):

People, who are using Instagram were taken aback by an Accidental new Instagram update on Thursday morning. So, what had happened to Instagram’s scroll and why? Was this horizontal tap feature a mistake or intentional? Well, below are all the answers to these questions, especially by the Instagram users.

It happened when the feature of the photo-sharing app’s timeline changed to horizontal feed from the vertical scroll. This update freaked out many Instagram users who went through or experienced it.

Earlier this year, Instagram tested an alternative feature. This new Instagram update was considered to make Instagram users tap horizontally through the post feed. Instagram users almost lost their minds when they got to know about it. Many users immediately tweeted to spread the news and be vocal about this new update.

Also, a spokesperson told the TechCrunch team, “We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love.”

The New Instagram Update Intention:

Moreover, Instagram had chosen Thursday in order to test the timeline by the addition of a notice. The notice by them said, “Introducing a new way to move through Posts.” They announced that users will need to tap through posts the way they used to tap through Instagram stories.

New Instagram Update

This timeline test by Instagram was aspired to reach only a fixed user number. The test prompted brisk disapproval from users who find it hard to read or/and tap horizontally. The users could not go through the posts quickly. They showed their criticism as well as dislike using Twitter.

What company has to say about the Feature test?

However, the company accepted the mistake of the immediately transforming the Instagram’s familiar vertical scrolling to horizontal. A lot of memes also went out of social media regarding what happened.

Adam Mosseri, the Instagram head also tried on Twitter in order to clear up new Instagram update confusion. Adam Mosseri said that the new Instagram update of a feature was meant to be a small feature test. But this update has affected a lot more users as compared to what had been planned or originally intended.


In another tweet, Adam Mosseri replied, adding, “Just a test that went to a few orders of magnitude more people than intended… sorry about that.”

Will the company keep the familiar vertical scroll? One thing which is ‘User Behavior’ is something every company like Instagram has to keep first. Hence, they won’t want to go for something unlikeable like what happened before.

What are your thoughts on this New Instagram Update? Let us know in the comments.


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