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George H.W Bush Achieved Much More Than What He Will Ever Be Appreciated For

George H.W Bush became the President of The United States Of America in 1989 after defeating Michael Dukakis. On that very day, it was evident that he would be a very unique President, unlike Ronald Reagen. George H.W Bush was more of a real and genuine leader than just being a regular commander. He created a legacy of his own that will never be forgotten. His personality on being the President of USA changed the lives of the Americans positively. When he became the President,  he told his Secret Service to turn down the sirens and his cars were asked to follow road signals every time.

George Bush

While Bush was at the end of his reign, he was asked what surprised him in the White House. He coolly answered that he could have 40 people in there. His leadership after Ronald Reagen definitely led to politics that was moderate, sensible and more reasonable. In his most memorable inaugural speech, he said that the Americans did not send him there to bicker. He was a foreseen leader with a vision of starting a new era after the end of GOP.

The right progress comes with a price

George H.W Bush had an agenda that would be called ambitious as of today. He created new civil right laws, remade the one financial sector of the country and made new investments in technologies. The growth in the economy cannot happen spontaneously and it was Bush who did the right thing to initiate the drastic step. His agenda was greatly against the Grand Old Party and Bush was seen unappreciated. Bush was originally from Texas yet he was more an internationalist and socially moderate than being Westernized. His party, however, they were totally unlike him. This brought comments to Bush that he was a jerk who promised never to raise taxes.

President of the United States

But from the day he took up a post as the President, his actions were tight. He dealt with the Democrats who controlled both the chambers and also hoping that his party wouldn’t object this. In the first year, he got the loan industry back together, he sold the failed thrifts and also recapitalized the risky ones. These reforms received mixed assumptions regarding Bush’s agenda from both the Democrats and the Republicans.  His two most successful fronts were about academics and taxes. He got agreements from national governors to set minimum academic standards that all schools would follow. The next one was regarding the Clean Air Act, which was passed in October 1990 by the Congress.

And it Continues…

George H.W Bush will be remembered for this particular domestic policy that happened in June 1990. The policy expected spending cuts and an increase in the tax revenue. This aimed to decrease the country’s deficit. But the bipartisan government with a Republican president and the Congress being the approval handmade this difficult. Moreover, Bush had promised the exact opposite during his mid-election campaign. This delighted the Democrats and divided the Republicans into two. On one side, the Republican led by Newt Gingrich demanded that Bush no longer considered their views and the other moderate Republicans stood with him. It could be noted that the bailouts cost about 123.8 billion USD for taxpayers. The disputes had settled at the end of October.


After five years, this amendment reduced the deficit by 500 billion USD. This boosted the US economy drastically in the 1990s for which Bush is not greatly appreciated for. The process cost a lot of struggle and money yet was successful.

Foreign policies and domestic affairs

Bush believed that overseas policies can bring about a great change in the country. From the start, he travelled to Japan and had a close relationship with China. He also observed the moves of the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to bring about a sensational proposal on NATO to reduce the number of American soldiers in Europe.

  • Moreover, this proposal diminished the union of Germany once again, ultimately leading to the downfall of the Soviet Union in 1989. At the same time in America, the Cold War was won by the West.
  • George H.W Bush was very careful in handling things and without wasting time he sent 26,000 American troops to Panama in order to remove General Manuel Noriega.
  • Noriega was a drug runner who turned out to be ruling Panama, he turned the Panama Canal into a criminal enterprise. America’s invasion liberated Panama, yet Noriega escaped.
  • He was later tracked and arrested for 40 years. So ending his ruthless reign in Panama wisely.
  • When the powerful Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990, Bush knew that thrashing him wouldn’t work out single-handed. So he made a coalition with 37 nations of the world to oppose Saddam.
  • Bush was victorious in the fall of the Union, in the liberation and in the coalition of other nations because of James Baker, the Secretary of State and Brent Scowcroft, the security adviser.

They have constituted for the wisest foreign policies in world history. It took 4,00,000 soldiers to liberate Kuwait, yet couldn’t remove Saddam from power as Bush believed that it would only cause instability in the region. These incidents still tell the legacy of a president who utilized his powers to the fullest.

Bush finishes with a smile

In the later years, Bush was successful in the elections and no Democrat could pull down him. But 1991 saw a tragic economic breakdown in March 1991. Bush and his team had no ideas left to sustain the loss of economy. His antagonist from the opposition, Arkansas Clinton had a stronger choice which diluted in the overconfidence of Bush. That passed the greatest reign of Bush into history.

George Bush

In the elections, he was defeated by Clinton. Perot a third-party member Texas also conspired to bring down the Bush legacy. That night, Bush wrote in his diary that he thought that he will prove them wrong but it hurt him when he didn’t. Yet he is happy and grateful to have finished it with a smile. He did what is right and he couldn’t have felt any more happy for finishing it strongly.



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