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How to Create an App and Make Money?

While creating an app doesn’t seem a tough task. But to make it successful could feel tough at first. So, how to create an app and make money out of it? Well, here are a few strategies which you can use to enhance the chances of success:

Develop both Free and Paid app versions:

Opt for your app’s paid version which includes exclusive content which is unavailable in your app’s free version. Also, while updating the apps, ensure to update the paid version of your app first. Your strategy is to attract users to the free version of your app first.

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Afterwards, they are more likely to upgrade to the paid version in order to gain access to the “premium” features. You can also opt for developing the app’s free version with ads. And you can offer a paid version to your users without the ads.

Offer Unique and Valuable content:

The aptest way in order to succeed in the market is providing unique and valuable content which is unavailable anywhere else. Hence, if you have expertise in a particular area that your users could benefit from, it can work in your favour.

It could be a real product for which the user will be paying for. Your app is should act as a medium for the users in order to access your unique content.

Cross-promote with free apps:

Most beneficial approach for you is to add a direct link to another app’s market page. This strategy could be effective only if the promotional app is related in one way or other to your app that has to be promoted. Below are few tips for the same.

  • Use house ads which will be shown in your app via an advertising network.
  • If you have multiple apps: When a user is at store page of your apps, they will be seeing your other apps list in Google Play. This could benefit as if the user has opted for one app of yours, they are more likely to try the other.

Keep your app up to date

As an app owner, it’s extremely important for you to keep on releasing new versions of your app. It’s crucial to keep the app up to date for the overall functioning as well as success. Google Play store page has the date of the newest version of an app shown.

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Also, a notification that flashes on a user’s phone screen act as a reminder that they have your app existing. Chances are that the user will be prompted to try out the recent version to see what’s new.

Develop Multiple apps:

In order to make a huge chunk of money from creating apps, create more than one app. But this is only beneficial if you have one successful app in the market and you are ready to invest in the second knowing that your users will try or like it.

However, not every app can be as successful as the first one or vice versa. Hence, by creating multiple apps, the chances are one of them could be extremely successful.

I hope some of your queries on ‘how to create an app and make money?’ has been resolved. Let us know your feedback in the comments.


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