On the extreme days of Diwali, we will come across the scenarios where there would be the unlimited firing of the crackers. The worst part that holds our eyes is the recklessness and behavioural pain of animals. Let us not start a debate by categorising the street animals and normal pets. If we judge the level of harm to the size of the animal then don’t forget life is life. No matter if our crackers are hurting a dog, cat or a tiny mouse. Once you are over them just give a thought to the birds and the other sky creatures. When the pollution in the air takes place and extreme noise in the surroundings occurs even birds abandon their nests.


Say it Crackers Barbarism

Once I witnessed a bunch of young boys who very intentionally tied the whole sequence of crackers to a dog’s tale. The moment I saw this I was just shocked and numb how could humanity exceed every level and reach here. How could we enjoy the pain and suffering of animals very happily? I somehow managed to rescue the dog but still, the poor little thing was shivering out of fear and the skin was also burnt.


Further consequences

The loud and intolerable noise by these crackers is a basic cause of worry. Every year 1000 of dogs, cats and local animals get serious trouble by our bravest activity of firing crackers. These are not just simple theories, rather represented by facts and figures. A very appreciable step is taken by Canine Welfare Organization which is shouldering the responsibility to provide a safe life to dogs this Diwali.

The harmful gases which are released in the air through these crackers are fatal. We all have grown up precisely reading about it. Certainly, we are well aware of the effects of it over health.

An alternative approach


Why not take a new step towards this old, orthodox and harming activity of ours. Why not feed the animals instead of roasting them alive. Feed the poor creatures and celebrate eco-friendly Diwali. If your happiness is important, then so of the others. Also, maintain the below-mentioned segments –

  • Take a pledge to put an end to crackers.
  • You can also demarcate between the animals of your street. So that under odd conditions you can identify them.
  • Don’t drag your pets into a crowded place or grounds. If you see any street animal than shoo it away.
  • Get the emergency contact numbers for few NGOs, fire brigades and welfare associations.
  • If you see the heavy firing of crackers you can report it otherwise.

Solemn purpose

If the purpose of celebrating Diwali is to spread bravery, concern, love and affection for each other, how come we end up hurting the same creature we are sharing our planet with? This Diwali if you face any such situation, then have the nerve to take a stand even if it is your friends, family or someone strange. We can always create a difference with a small step…



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