Can the start-up building a Fortnite for VR become the Fortnite of VR?

Virtual reality is an invention of the modern day that has proven to be a god’s gift. Especially for all those who possess a true love for gaming and for Fortnite. The gamers who use virtual reality are the happiest people. Other than gaming, it is also compatible with various other platforms. But overall, VR users can only experience the things that Indies have built or whatever Oculus can fund.



The potential in Gaming

BigBox VR has not entered as a provider of solo adventures but still is trying very hard to capture attention in the space. But still, the users are able to enjoy the maximum of the potential of its physicality and immersion in the field of gaming. This is the fact on which VR is getting huge appreciations worldwide.

There was a funding round led by Shasta Ventures with the participation of Pioneer Square Labs Ventures and GSR Ventures in which the company crossed the $5 million mark.

In the year 2018, the Venture cash for VR content was not exactly flowing in properly, this becomes the reason for which lesser start-ups were observed in building out a “platform play.” BigBox VR team started with a cartoonish shooter viz. Smashbox Arena. This small team was very active in making up the maximum use of VR compatible games in the field of competitive online play.

The BigBox VR team

Bigbox Team

It is often mistaken that the Funding rounds are in accordance to the achievements of the company in the past, but this is a misconception. BigBox VR is developing its very stunning battle royal named as “POPULATION: ONE.”

As observed with “POPULATION: ONE”, people enjoyed it to the fullest and very thrilled with the overall VR experience.

It would be very wrong to say that “POPULATION: ONE” shares any platform with Fortnite or any similarity with Fortnite. This game possesses many certain unique mechanics in it other than the battle genre. These mechanics include scrounge for weapons. It is also to be noted that Fortnite’s building features are central to the game-play. Other than Fortnite, with the entry of the famous game PUBG, battle royal title exploration is at its peak. But with BigBox, we make sure that you get the best VR experience along with the battle genre with ultra-efficient motion controls so that you can feel the full power control.

Honest View Point

To be honest, a lot of VR movements do really work. Almost all the surfaces of the game are climbable but when we talk about the left or right turning movements; the technique used isn’t really for the faint of the stomach but is very fluid to play.


There is still some scope in certain mechanics that can be felt much smoother but do keep in mind that this is a private beta game that might have to go under a lot of future improvements and developments.

Best Part of the Game

As per the user experiences, most of the users got killed or snipped off in their initial rounds to which they said as a very powerful thing. The controls seem to be very accurate and precise in the spectator mode. It is very interesting that the VR lends you to allow you to get actually involved in the game.

Battle Royale games or battle genre games are really trendy and remain white-hot. The VR industry is trying their 100% to extract out the best slice out of it. However the key thing remains the same, i.e. you need to exactly know that where to innovate and also keeping in mind that multi-platform grandiose of Fortnite is yet to enter the VR spectrum.


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