Are you Suffering from Janxiety (January + Anxiety)?

Since the holidays are over, it’s now time to get back to the normal routine. And it doesn’t matter if it’s something personal or professional, things need your attention. So, no excuses or delays are expected in such case. Do you agree?

Moreover, January month marks the starting of the New Year and it’s also the time when we plan to act on the resolutions we have made for ourselves. Also, it could be anything, for example, joining a gym to become and feel stronger or picking up a hobby. When it comes to resolutions, they can be many or just one.

Moreover, these resolutions or some bigger or smaller changes in life can be overwhelming for some people. So, you might also feel like you won’t be able to do it or take small steps to make your resolution a reality. And if this is the case and it’s too overwhelming for you, then there are chances you are suffering from Janxiety.

What is Janxiety?

Every one of us experiences anxiety triggers as well as stress in our daily lives. But when it comes to the time during holidays, these experiences tend to increase.

The enhancing pressure to deal with the holiday could prove as panic-inducing for some people. It doesn’t matter if you are not even doing anything or not. Some people feel pressurized even when they have to deal with some changes in life.

Anxiety Problems

Hence, this type of mental sickness, which is also named depression, is referred to as ‘Janxiety’ by the experts. Janxiety or January fixated anxiety also builds up with the thought of getting back to your usual work after holidays. Moreover, it is temporary. This sense of ill-ease gets piled up only seasonally.

There is one more thing you need to know and understand. It is that you are not alone who have experienced Janxiety. There are many people who share similar experiences.

How to deal with Janxiety?

It’s crucial for you to remember that it’s a resolution which will help in improving your life. So, there is nothing to be anxious about. You might feel better physically, mentally as well as spiritually when you achieve certain goals. It will enhance your confidence and this is what you should be having in your mind.

Moreover, there are some other things which you can opt for in order to fight Janxiety. Also, these tips will clear your mind so you can work better.

  • Decluttering your house might help you fight Janxiety. It doesn’t need to be huge, getting rid of unnecessary stuff can make you feel better. This is also called simplifying your life. A simple life leads to a calm mind and lessen anxiety.

  • Reaffirmations can also help you in fighting Janxiety. You need to make sure that you are reminding yourself, it is just another month. It’s not the end of your world. So, take it easy and try not getting overwhelmed with small changes in your life.

  • Take up a new course or try some adventure and make it a part of your routine. This way you will always be feeling enthusiastic instead of panicking when something new comes up.

  • Try detox diets which can help in cleansing your system (including your mind). Everyone seems to overeat in holidays which also add up to their anxiousness. Hence, a detox diet routine or juice cleanse is another great option to fight Janxiety.

Have you experienced Janxiety? How did you deal with it? Let us know in the comments. We are curious to know about your journey.


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