iOS 13

iOS Beta 13 – Everything You Need To Know

Good news for Apple users. The much-awaited iOS Beta 13 is finally coming. There is news that the tech giant is all set to release the update somewhere around June 2019.

According to news from reliable sources, Apple is likely to announce the release of their new OS in June 2019. The iOS Beta version is likely to be released immediately after that. By September 2019, the final version is likely to be available to users.

Compatible Devices

As of now, the following devices are expected to be compatible with the iOS Beta 13. So, if you own any of these, you are in line for something new this year.

iPad Pro (10.5 and above)

iPad 2017 & 2018

Also, iPad Mini (2 and above)

iPhone (5s and above)

iPod Touch (6th Generation)

That being said, let us now move on to the most important thing.

What’s new?

Let’s face it. The iOS 12 had disappointed many Apple users since many of the promised features were ultimately pushed back. Now, with the iOS Beta 13, Apple is finally set to introduce those features to their devices.

iOS 13 Beta

So, the iOS Beta 13 and the iOS 13.0 is expected to be packed with many new features and updates.

Siri Improvements

Even in the iOS Beta 12 and iOS 12.0, Siri received many essential updates.

In the iOS Beta 13 and iOS 13.0, Siri is expected to become even better and smarter. Users would not only be able to accept or decline an incoming call, but also send an explanatory text automatically.

If connected with CarPlay, Siri would even be text your location and arrival time to the caller.

Snoozing Notification

According to reports, the iOS Beta 13 is likely to have more options when it comes to snoozing your notifications.

Improved Emoji Search

After all, Apple has done very badly when it comes to emoji search on their devices.

As of now, you have to type in the perfect keywords for the emoji that you might be searching. Apparently, the apple’s coding doesn’t understand the more colloquial ways of referring to things. This is has been a problem for many.

So, these issues are expected to be fixed in the iOS Beta 13.

Multiple User Accounts

Finally, after so many users, Apple is bringing user accounts to iPad and iPhones. Maybe you don’t quite need them on your iPhone. Moreover, it has been very essential for users who have to share their iPads for various purposes.

iMessage Updates

Apple is launching a singular platform which would allow two users to see all their communications in one place. At least, that is what is being heard from sources like Bloomberg.

Moreover, the much-needed read receipts are likely to be introduced to iMessage.

Smart Wi-Fi

Provided the issues with their battery lives, Apple would do good to introduce Wi-Fi+ or Wi-Fi+ 2.0 on the iOS Beta 13.

Improved Camera Controls

Apple users won’t need to exit their camera anymore to change the resolutions. The iOS Beta 13 would feature in-app buttons for these functions.

Contact Availability Status

If their patent is approved, Apple users would be able to see the availability of their contacts from their phone.

Finger-Detecting Dynamic Keyboard

Gone are the days of the keyboard sticking to one side of the device. Apple is going to launch dynamic keyboards which could be placed anywhere on the touchscreen.

Slide To Unlock

It is most likely that the popular Slide-To-Unlock feature would be back in the iOS 13.

MacOS and iOS Merging

As of now, apps for MacOS don’t work on the iOS and vice-versa. Hence, this issue is most likely to be resolved in the upcoming iOS Beta 13.


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