Ageing is a natural process. Everyone is prone to fall prey to the dominance of time. It is after forty that we start noticing fine wrinkles and signs of ageing on our face. We get conscious of our appearance in public and use various cosmetic products to hide the harsh signs of ageing. Do they work? They don’t. Presence of chemicals makes the skin glow temporarily and the side-effects start showing on the face in the form of redness, allergies and inflammation. You will be surprised to know that you can get back your youthful skin in ten natural ways. Read on and know the tips to look evergreen even at forty.

Moisturize Your Face and Hands

Use of moisturizer should be a part of your daily skin care regime. Get a moisturizer with natural ingredients and apply daily on the face, hands and your neck area. Neck shows the sign of ageing prominently. It is important that you do so.

Wardrobe Modification

You may hit your forties and not even look that mature; however, the way you style yourself adds to your growing age. Add colorful and sleek dresses to your wardrobe. Start wearing trending fashionable attires and shoes. You can also experiment with the accessories like bags, jewelry and sunglasses.

Eat Nutritious Food

We tend to ignore our diet as we start growing old. Hectic lifestyle, family and social responsibilities make us quite busy that we stop loving our body. To get rid of the under confidence in you due to the age factor, you need to seriously look into your diet. Start eating five small meals that have a good proportion of every nutritional element.


You either sweat it out or lead a gluttony lifestyle. The choice is yours. However, if you have the determination to look younger once again, start exercising three to four times a week. You can start with basic yoga, mild walk and jogging. If you start enjoying your routine, add rigorous gym training to your routine.

Paint Your Nails Red

With age, we stop using colors to our nails. They are noticed too. Don’t ignore. Go out there and shop colorful nail paints. It will add to your overall personality. Remember the days when you experimented with colors more than you experimented with your clothes. Also, try pampering your hands and feet with manicure and pedicure.

Use Minimal Makeup

Overdoing your makeup indicates that you are trying it hard to hide your age. Use nude makeup over bright makeup tricks. The change will be worth compliments from people around you. Of course, you can use bright lipstick at times. At most times use nude lipstick and keep the bright colors for special occasions.


What you wear inside also boosts your confidence. It is time to change your choice of undergarments. Get undergarments that are trendier and you last wore a decade ago. You can chop online at your convenience or even go to your favorite lingerie brand to pick a few of them.

Avoid Exposure to Sun

Your skin at forty is more prone to sun damage. It is imperative that you avoid contact with the sun at peak hours, between 12 noon to 4pm. You will start seeing positive results. Even if you have to step out, apply good amount of sunblock and wear an oversized hat to conceal your face from the sunlight.

Anti-ageing creams

Not all anti-ageing cream works for everyone. You need to pick the one that suits your facial texture. You may take more time than anticipated to find the best one for your skin type. Look for reviews of customers who have already used one in the past. That should give you a better idea.

Stop Smoking

We all know that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking also causes your skin to grow dull. You get more wrinkles if you are a regular smoker. Quit it now and start enjoying your life with a face that looks younger than your age.

Wrapping Up

Ageing is a process that we can’t deny. It can, however, be controlled with proper care and change in lifestyle. With the tips mentioned, you will gradually see the glow on your skin. Start feeling young and enjoy life to the fullest.


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